Do you crave connection?

Are you looking to live better in your body through the practice of yoga?

Discover how deep breathing releases tension from your tissues and each pose is an opportuniy to strenghen your body and your mind.

At Evolve Yoga of Anchorage our mission is to bring you an evolved practice that takes into consideration your unique body, injuries and goals. Our teachers will artfully and skillfully guide you through empowering sequences, infused with inspiring themes, which help restore and foster living from a place of presence and awareness.

With this kind of personal strength, we believe you will enjoy better health, more happiness and be a catalyst for a deeper, positive connection to yourself and your community. Evolve your practice. Unleash your inner power!

Staff Gratitude


Evolve, and particularly Kim Greeff, have been such a source of inspiration and development for me. I searched a long while for a… >> learn more.

Module 5: The Art of Sequencing-EYMP


Module 5: The Art of Sequencing October 7 – 9 | Friday, 6-8 PM, Saturday & Sunday 10 AM–4 PM (Lunch 1-2 PM) Great… >> learn more.

Notice of Upcoming Studio Closure


Dear Evolvers,

Our community is made up of an amazing group of individuals. Some of you have been practicing with me for a very long… >> learn more.