1. (verb) to come forth gradually into being; develop                  

2. (noun) an alaskan yoga community that is changing the world one person at a time

Discover a yoga practice that enables you to experience a deeper connection to your own inner power. At Evolve Yoga our teachers will artfully and skillfully guide you through empowering sequences, infused with inspiring themes, which help restore and foster living from a place of presence and awareness. With this kind of personal strength, we believe individuals will be able to enjoy better health, more happiness and be a catalyst for a deeper, positive connection to themselves and our community.


Evolve Yoga Mentorship


September 13th – November 8th Are you ready to take your teaching to the next level?

This yoga mentorship program is for teachers who have… >> learn more.

JOY Yoga Membership

Commercial shoot at Evolve Yoga in Anchorage, Alaska August 2014.

Sign up for the JOY yoga membership before September 1st and recieve your 3rd month FREE.

JOY (journey of yoga) is a 1 year commitment… >> learn more.

Evolutionary Of The Month

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Each month we highlight a student to share their experience of yoga. We are always inspired to learn how each persons personal practice evolves and… >> learn more.