Teacher Training

Evolve Yoga 200hr Teacher Training – Embody your Body

With Kim Greeff

September 11th – November 20th

Yoga is about awareness, awareness in all our doings and all our beings. This training is for those seeking a deeper understanding of their bodies through the yogic lens of awareness and those with an innate desire or even curiosity to share that awareness through teaching. 

The Evolve Yoga method is based on observation. Becoming a student of your body first, then a student of your student’s bodies, as a graduate of this training  you will become acutely aware of how to adapt and change your yoga practice to address the needs of yourselves and your students in real time. By learning how to speak authentically, finding your own voice, you will be able to express and share about the poses and your practice in an undeniably heartfelt way. Teachers in training will become skilled at creative sequencing crafted in an anatomical understanding of how the poses affect the body and lead classes that enliven, restore and strengthen connection physically, emotionally, mentally and energetically. 


“The body is the source of egoless wisdom”

~ Reggie Ray

Learn to feel yourself in your practice in a whole new way. Anatomy isn’t something that lives in your head. It is you! Students taking the training will become perceptive in embody-mapping how they organize and align with gravity assisting them in a link to deeper self awareness on all levels, mentally, physically, emotionally and energetically.

Along with deep personal discovery and growth, trainees can expect to undergo a process of transformation and personal expansion, a very common outcome to immersing oneself fully into a course like this. You will emerge with an integrated sense of self and with a level of skill that will separate you from the crowd.

The Evolve Yoga 200hr Teacher Training is a carefully crafted curriculum for both students aspiring to become yoga teachers and for experienced teachers interested in expanding their skills. The Evolve Teacher Training program is taught over 11 weeks and meets the requirements for Yoga Alliance certification.


Teaching: Yoga Practice: having experience with your own practice is essential to truly embodying your body, a foundational part of sharing this work. Each morning session we meet, Kim will lead you through a yoga practice with the focal themes of that day’s teaching. You will also be encouraged to attend ongoing classes alongside cultivating a personal practice. Trainees will receive each practice’s class template as a tool to reference for future practice and teaching.

  • Acquire in-depth technical skills to creatively sequence your classes to provide unique and structurally sound yoga classes for students from intro classes to advanced. 
  • Navigate injuries by understanding how the body works and heals to give appropriate modifications,
  • Gain the ability to give hands-on help with a deep presence and confident awareness of how to share the gift that is effective and safe hands on assists

Anatomy: YTU Integrated Embodied Anatomy Training With Alexanra Ellis: Learn anatomy from the inside-out. This comprehensive anatomy module expertly guides you into your living tissues in a concrete and inspiring way. It provides you with a directly personal experience of the interplay of the many complex systems of the body and helps you to make them relevant and tangible for your students. Learn how the multiple layers of the body relate and function as a whole while simultaneously exploring specific anatomical structures, physiological processes and typical movement patterns and pathologies.

Business:  As part of this teacher training you will be guided to explore the people you most want to teach to and then given tools to align with your offerings. Here trainees will explore the concept of value and how to charge for their time. Whether it’s working with clients in a private one on one session, leading workshops or teaching ongoing classes, you will be inspired to add the teaching of yoga into your offerings to the world!

IMG_6474Kim Greeff brings her keen attention to therapeutic touch and shares how to touch in a safe and effective way with hands-on help. With over 15 years of bodywork, movement and introspective insight, Kim has taken the utmost care in creating a nurturing and safe environment for you to dive into the process of learning.  You will be encouraged to embrace and embody your authentic self, as that is truly the best platform from which you can share your unique medicine, your gifts with the world.


September 11th ~ November 20th 2015*

Fridays 6-8PM, Saturdays & Sundays 9-12 & 1:30-5:30

*Special Schedule for the YTU Integrated Embodied Anatomy Course the weekend of October 2nd-4th:  Friday 6-9PM, Saturday & Sunday 10AM – 6PM, (tuition & materials for this course are included in registration price)


Early Registration: $3200 (payment due in full before August 15, 2015 to receive early registration)

$3600 thereafter


  • A $250 refundable application fee is due with your application. Please submit your application fee through our online store.
  • Costs reflected above include the $250 application fee, Evolve Yoga Teacher Training Manual, YTU Anatomy Training & Manual. Cost does not include books on the required reading list.
  • Payment plans are available. Please contact hilary@evolveyogaanchorage to discuss payment plans. All payment plans require a schedule for auto debited payments.
  • Registration for this training closes Septemeber 5th, 2015. Full program payment or a signed payment plan agreement is required  prior to this date. 
  • To be eligible for early registration pricing, payment is due in full by the early registration date of August15, 2015.

Download the Evolve Teacher Training Application and send completed application to kim@evolveyogaanchorage.com


Applications will be reviewed and acceptance granted to those we feel are the aligned with this offering. Applicants not accepted will be referred to a training that may be better suited for what the applicant is looking for.