Discover a studio that’s all about fostering a healthy, knowledgeable, and sustainable practice!

Let Evolve Yoga compassionately guide you through pose and movement sequences that have been designed to access and awaken key areas of your body. Each class is unique and the practice is never the same, which helps keep your mind as well as your body alert, energized, and prepared to meet the unexpected.

Our daily movement patterns at home, work, and play become habitual and can create tight, weak, or sleepy spots in our bodies. We put special emphasis on body awareness in our classes to help our students learn how to notice and undo these patterns, and decrease pain and limitations on and off the mat. Chronic discomfort or mobility issues begin to melt away with the combination of this awareness and the knowledge of how to address our individual needs as they arise.

We invite you step into our space and experience the difference. Let us celebrate your transformation. One breath at a time…..