“Part of the beauty of Evolve’s style of yoga is that it offers the space to explore and examine where you are and to refine your experience of a pose. Holding a pose is like getting to edit, which for me is where much of the joy of writing lies. Editing is where you get to pull away all the pieces that are getting in the way of your message, and fill-in anything that’s missing. Staying in a pose is like staring at a page or a screen. It let’s you see what you need, if what you’re saying or doing is true, and what’s next. It’s an incredibly indulgent way to practice.”

“Before I started yoga, I was CRAZY, but didn’t know it! It wasn’t until I started to practice yoga for a while that I found I could be more patient, more tolerant. Cultivating that is making me a better teacher; I’m more patient with my kids and their parents. I’m more aware. I’m by NO means present all the time, but there is a stillness that I can tap into now.” -DB


“I had persistent lower back pain and after doing yoga I am now pain free. That’s the biggest change for me being pain free. I felt stronger over-all, more confident in my ability to heal my body!” ~NW

“It seems like so many yoga studios today simply go through their asanas without any focus on improving oneself mentally. Your studio is one where we are encouraged to grow not only physically, but mentally, and I’d even say spiritually as well. I have gotten stronger as a person thanks in part to Evolve’s existence.” ~CB

“Yoga saved my life. Or rather changed it. I’m more at ease and peace with myself than I’ve ever been.. I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown and struggling with depression and was coming off of a very stressful year. People who haven’t seen me in a while comment on how great I look, how calm I seem, that’s the yoga. I know that I don’t have to do everything; I can do what I can and leave the rest.” ~LB

testemonial update“Your teaching is making me a better doctor… I’m more interested in my patient, and her spirit, and whether or not she loves herself lately, than I am about her dose of blood pressure medicine. I think if my patient loved herself and honored her spirit, she wouldn’t need the blood pressure medication that I’m giving her and causing her side effects. I’ve been trying to encourage some of my fellow residents to come to class as well. Through the healing I have been experiencing in my yoga practice, I’m getting back into my life as a healer. I know it is inside of me; it has always been there.” ~RS

“Struggling with stress and anxiety, chronic lower back pain, inflexible in my body and in my life, I was afraid to feel the limitation of my tight hamstrings and shoulders. I lived in the past and in the future and I certainly didn’t know how to breathe. Living this way, I was never present. After regularly taking yoga classes and practicing at home I learned how to be in my body to breathe through discomfort, something that I use every single day and I’ve learned to stay in the moment. My lower back pain resolved, my tight hamstrings are a work in progress but they are losening and I honed yoga postures and breath to ease stress and anxiety. These are tools that I’ve integrated into my daily life.” ~JB

 testemonial update