Americalma Concert US Tour 2015

Featuring Andrés Condon, Navino Condon & Astrid Brinck

Wednesday September 2nd From 7-8:30pm

$15 in advance $18 @ the door



Americalma is a music project that brings together South American music with sounds and colors from around the world. Andres, Navino, and Astrid bring together their compositions and skills to create unique musical journeys with experiences of transcendence and joy.

Every song has a distinct way of reaching the heart and every dance is a journey to the heart of it all.

The mission of Americalma’s music is to open a door to remember the strength and the vulnerability of our planet and to witness its beauty while awakening our awareness.

America refers to the continent from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego. Alma refers to the spirit. The search of Americalma is to bring the eagle and the condor together through music and share it with the world.

Americalma Concert

Americalma’s concerts invite the audience to dive into a musical experience of joy, poetry, and beauty through sounds of various strings, voices, choirs, unique harmonies, and other instruments from around the world.

US Tour

The idea to tour Alaska and the West Coast of the US started several years ago since all three members of Americalma have a special relationship with this area. Americalma believes that the West Coast is a mirror in nature of the West Coast in South America. Bringing their music here has a special meaning and purpose to unite the expressions of both North and South.