What is Rolfing® Structural Integration?

Rolfing SI specializes in working with the connective tissue in the body- specifically the fascia. Fascia is found throughout the body- weaving in and around bones, muscles, and organs to create a broad network of connections spanning the entire system. With injury, trauma, repetitive use and time, fascia becomes restricted in specific areas. Because it is all connected localized restrictions can affect the entire system! This is why an alignment issue in the foot can cause pain the neck. Rolfers work with the entire body in a range of positions to free these restrictions and guide the body toward its natural sense of balance and ease.

Who benefits From Rolfing®SI?

  • Individuals who experience chronic pain or injury(ies)may find significant releif.
  • Athletes, desk jockeys, and manual laborers may all experience relief from the wear and tear of repetitive motion.
  • Anyone living under the constant force of gravity can benefit from Rolfing. That’s all of us on planet earth!

About Heidi:

Rolfing® Structural Integration sessions from Heidi create an environment for your body to undergo and maintain deep and sustainable shifts toward greater freedom and ease throughout your life. Whether seeking relief from chronic pain or injury, increased performance in athletic activities or a deeper sense of embodiment, Rolfing is uniquely effective. Heidi creates a safe space to experience and explore your body in new ways. Working from the ground up, you can expect to gain a greater sense of awareness, ease and effortless alignment. Trained as an Artist, Forrest Yoga Teacher and Rolfer™, Heidi brings creativity, movement and a breadth of experience to each session to skillfully address clients individual needs and desires.

Booking a Session* & Rates

Free 15-minute
Curious if Rolfing is for you? Schedule a consultation to discuss your options.

Single Session $125

Mini Series $350

This 3 session series tailored to those working with specific injury(ies) or goals. Committing to 3 sessions invites the body to integrate over the course of the series and often yields significant results. 

The Ten Series $1100 

Developed by Dr. Ida Rolf, this dynamic series is a progression of sessions that works through the body in a way that cultivates connection, freedom, awareness, and ease from head to toe through soft tissue manipulation and movement education. 

*Sessions are 90 minutes and can be spaced anywhere from one to three weeks apart.

Available Mondays 12 – 7:30pm & Wednesdays 4-7:30pm    

*Call To Schedule Your Appointment Today*  ( 907) 561-9642


“I am a 35 year old male who owns and operates an excavating company and is an avid skier, downhill mountain biker and kiter to name a few hobbies. A result of my work and play has been a fair amount of wear and tear on my body in the form of several injuries over the past 4-5 years, including 2 broken humerus bones, ACL reconstructive surgery and a compression fracture of my lower back.

I was introduced to Heidi through a mutual friend who had heard about the severe back pain I was having at the end of our construction season last year. We had just finished a very laborious trail construction project which involved a lot of heavy, awkward lifting. My back and body were to the point where I was having troubles bending over to pick up anything off the ground and I was not sleeping most of the night due to pain.

I came to Heidi with very limited knowledge about Rolfing, yoga, breathing and how they all work together. After the first visit it was evident that I was the perfect candidate to benefit greatly from completing a full 10 series of Rolfing with Heidi. During my sessions Heidi really had an amazing ability to first listen to me explain where my pain was being felt and what stretching exercises I was trying to do help alleviate the pain. Heidi was able to combine my input with her own observations to really cater a Rolfing experience for me and my issues. Heidi was able to go way beyond the Rolfing sessions by also instructing me on better ways to add flexibility and elongation to my stretching routines with tweaks to my technique and breathing. Heidi was such an amazing listener, observer, technician and instructor all in one package.

It has now been several months since our last session. I have been expecting this whole time for my body to revert back to its usual pain and discomfort. However, I have been amazed about the longevity of the treatments and the ability for my body to still benefit from the treatments and instruction Heidi had given me months ago. I sure did not change much in my lifestyle besides being much more aware of my posture and movement of my body along with incorporating a daily stretching routine.

I have and will continue to highly recommend Heidi to all my friends with similar issues. Her knowledge, professionalism, care and dedication to making my Rolfing experience comfortable and effortless was amazing!”

~Nick Georgelos