Evolutionaries of the Month – August – Mauri & Philip

From Mauri:M&P Iguazu Falls

A friend invited me to go with her to a yoga retreat in Hawaii in January 2014. Just after I signed up, I had a serious collision on the ice and ended up with torn knee ligaments and a small tibial plateau fracture which ended my hockey career and, I was afraid, my running. I figured I would attend the retreat anyway and use the sun, warmth, and ocean for mental and physical healing.

I ended up loving the yoga practice for its complete physical and mental focus. It also helped me begin to recover function and strength in my injured leg. Upon returning home, I wanted to continue practicing but I was intimidated by the thought of going to classes.

Philip has practiced with a daily meditation and basic asana program for many years in the privacy of our home to help combat fatigue from his stressful job. We have both been active throughout our lives with running, biking, ice hockey, skate skiing, etc., but we hated the idea of taking classes.

Almost a year after my injury I was still struggling with my recovery. My PT encouraged me to continue with yoga, so when I saw the Evolve Yoga sign I stopped in, thinking I could sign Philip and I up for a private lesson. Instead I attended a class that had only a few students, the pace was not overwhelming, and the instructor was helpful despite the practice being challenging. I loved it! Philip was skeptical, but we both wanted a physical activity we could do together, so we decided to try it.

As we sat in front of our instructor, Kim, she asked about our yoga experience and noticed a few things about each of us that showed her depth of anatomical knowledge. We both immediately felt that we would be safe practicing here. It was very challenging physically, which I love, and the instructors’ attention to detail in alignment and anatomy has really helped teach us a healthy, safe practice. Each of us has grown more knowledgeable of our “inner landscape” as our teachers say, and we have gained tremendous mental and physical strength that helps us transition into our “rewired” lives.

Learning patience, how to adapt, and releasing expectations of perfection in breath work and asana have been among the greatest gifts of the challenging and creative practice we found at Evolve. The warmth and generosity of spirit in the community here inspires us to keep coming back!