Evolutionary of the Month – Noralie Jennings-Voight – October

I began my yoga practice over 20 years ago, learning the style of Kundalini as taught by the Sikh community. The Sikhs emphasized that we Noralie Evolutionary 2were Beings of limitless potential; infinite. We just had to learn how to become that infinite Being, and for starters they said “experience”. For in Kundalalini yoga the most important thing is “experience” because it goes right into your heart.

I practiced for a couple of years and then my job was asking me to work out of town. My schedule got to where I could not attend classes, and I found it difficult to practice in small quarters, and working long hours while on the road did not help either. My yoga practice faded away and before I knew it years passed with marriage, children, and I became one of those super-moms.

Then one day I found out about a trip to India sponsored by a group of like-minded people, and I seized upon the opportunity to travel to the Far East. India is a fascinating place with so many mixed cultures, but it was when I went to the Golden Temple, a sacred place to the Sikhs, that a flame ignited and memories stirred of my long ago yoga practice. On my return to Alaska I made an effort to find a yoga studio. I was stiff as a board, I was not flexible, my spine was crooked, and I could not maintain a simple balance pose. I had strength, but not yoga strength. I went though a little mental self-talk to adjust my attitude and vowed to have patience with myself.

I met Heidi at a small yoga studio in Palmer and she taught a style of yoga that I had never heard of before; Forrest Yoga. I attended her classes and finally I was making progress. Then she left! I tracked her down to Evolve Yoga studio and she said that if I ever had the opportunity, take a class from Kim. I did. Well, the story goes is that Kim’s style is changing me into a “new me”. I will not be just any form. I will be a form that knows itself consciously in every facet, from every side. The physical part of me is being mapped with tune-up balls and poses, and Kim ignites the spirit side with her readings of Rumi, Kahili Gibran, or some like-minded person, and her own potent and beautiful wisdom.

I intend to continue unfolding at Evolve Yoga Studio so that I may create and experience this “new me” and have a greater understanding of my limitless potential!

To have fun, too!