Evolutionary of the Month – Rebecca Meyers – February

rebeccameyersStarting a yoga practice had been on my “to-do” list for 10 years, literally. I was a busy business owner, and I traveled frequently. My sister Lindsey Meyers taught at Evolve in 2013/2014, and encouraged me to come to one of her classes (plus she had been raving about yoga and Kim Greeff in particular for years). I hesitated because I was traveling so much at that time and knew there was no way I would be able to maintain a practice.

I eventually attended one of Lindsey’s classes – and wanted to quit immediately! The class was so challenging for me, I didn’t want to come back. Fortunately, another student in class that day noticed that I was having a hard time and told me to come back, that the exact same thing had happened to her but to just give it one more try. To this day I am thankful for her words of encouragement.

I came back the next day and amazingly, seemed so much stronger, or likely was just better prepared mentally. I was intrigued. By the end of that first week, I became a member at Evolve and on a deep level just knew this was something I wanted to commit to. Three months later, I ended up leaving my 7 year old, out-of-town business that I loved so much in order to put myself first and make some healthy changes in my life.

Since I started yoga in 2013, there have been a few periods of time where life has gotten busy again and the next thing I knew, I hadn’t made it to a class in 2 weeks. I could definitely notice a change in my attitude after these periods, and my body always seemed to “need” it and pull me right back. A big challenge for me has been with scheduling, and finally, as a goal for 2016, I have put “YOGA” in my personal/work calendar and aim to schedule everything else around it. I am so inspired by all the other students who show up so consistently, no matter what. If everyone else can do it – I can find a way to do it too!

If there was one thing I could tell my beginner self, it would be to understand that a yoga practice is really an evolution – you continuously grow in physical strength and commitment, and the time you put in is beyond worth it. In some ways, I still consider myself a beginner, and am amazed when I look back and see how far I’ve come. I honestly never thought I’d be able to do those “crazy” poses that everyone makes look so easy, or even make it through a 90 minute class – and here I am. Yoga has been such a positive addition to my life on so many levels, and is now at the very top of my priority list.