Kim Greeff

KKimberly Greeffim is the founder of Evolve Yoga and Anchorages most senior Forrest Yoga teacher. With over 14 years of bodywork experience she offers a unique perspective to her teachings with a rich anatomy background and a deep understanding for how the body works and heals.

Kim is continually inspired by her practice, students and the many teachers she’s studied under. She shares this inspiration by leading a challenging practice designed to take you deeper into yourself through thought provoking themes and dynamic sequenced classes that provide students with a safe, sacred space to discover and explore their own Truths. She supports personal and spiritual growth by holding space in an open, loving, and compassionate way.

In addition to her regular class schedule, Kim teaches workshops, privates and offers a mentorship program for teachers wanting to grow. Kim supports yoga teachers by encouraging them to use their authentic voice, to step into their power, and to share their unique gifts with the world. Kim also offers bodywork.


Here’s what Kim’s students are saying:

“Your class helped me bring light into my heart- and feel my center fill with genuine sweetness and kindness towards myself and then, radially, towards others. After class it felt so good to reenter my life filled up with a deep basic feeling of gratitude and goodness!” CK

Thank you for holding a space that allows me to let go, teaches me to breathe, and be present. I leave your classes feeling nourished.” JW

Forrest yoga and your teaching is making me a better doctor…  I’m more interested in my patient, and her spirit, and whether or not she loves herself lately, than I am about her dose of blood pressure medicine.  I think if my patient loved herself and honored her spirit, she wouldn’t need the blood pressure medication that I’m giving her and causing her side effects.  I’ve been trying to encourage some of my fellow residents to come to class as well.  Through the healing I have been experiencing at laughing lotus, I’m getting back into my life as a healer.  I know it is inside of me; it has always been there.  It’s a tough thing because I wouldn’t change or give back the lessons I’ve learned from residency though.  It pushed me to my edge, and now everything that I’m looking up to is so beautiful, this new free life I’m finding.” R.S. ~ Local Doctor

“Kim teaches with strength, compassion, integrity, and joy.  These qualities inspire me each time I attend one of her classes.  She inspires me to live life from the core of my being, to move my energy out instead of keeping it so tightly reined in. “