Massage with Nina

pic1Available Fridays  4-8pm.

I attended the Florida School Of Massage in Gainesville Florida in 2007. It was there that I became fascinated by the mind-body connection. I believe that therapeutic touch not only benefits the superficial physiological body, but also has a profound effect on the deeper psychological levels of our being. Therapeutic touch can reveal what has been buried, forgotten, or unrealized, awakening an awareness in self. With that new found awareness comes the possibility to take action towards positive change in one’s life.  

My approach to therapeutic massage integrates connective tissue, neuromuscular and polarity therapy. This method of massage promotes the relief of tension, expansion of self-awareness, improvement of posture and good old relaxation. I consider the arts and creative movement to be a pivotal aspect of my life. I enjoy drawing, painting, dancing, yoga and exploring the outdoors. Yoga led me on a journey to the east where I studied Thai yoga massage in northern Thailand. I found that Thai Yoga Massage is a perfect blend of movement, massage, and energy work. Before returning to the States, I traveled to Rishikesh, India and studied the Astanga yoga form. I hope to facilitate a safe space in which clients can explore their own healing process, begin to experience a feeling of balance, and enjoy an overall sense of well-being.