The Art & Craft of Teaching Yoga

Hone your skills and discover your authentic voice as a teacher through the Evolve Yoga Mentorship Program (EYMP), led by master teacher Kim Greeff.

When I learned to teach yoga, there was very little support after my 200hr training. I struggled with extreme shyness and anxiety around teaching yoga – yet I knew it was something I deeply wanted to do. It wasn’t easy and for the first few years every class I taught was a challenge for me on the inside. Fortunately, I found two senior teachers who took me under their wing and helped me take flight with the unique gifts I have to offer.

I am grateful to have been mentored privately and to continue to seek mentorship with teachers I can grow with. I have found great enthusiasm for helping teachers and dedicated students deepen their awareness on and off the mat through both private mentorship and the yearly group sessions I hold.

I would love to support you on your journey!






About the Mentorship Program
The Evolve Yoga Mentorship Program provides a unique experience in continuing education. This program is for teachers and advanced students who want to tune into their own voice and develop essential skills to strengthen their understanding of themselves and subsequently the people they will work with.
This program is comprised of 5 modules that can be taken individually for those with a specific focus of study, or as a series for those wanting to enrich their entire teaching toolbox. In addition to instruction, each module includes a printed manual, a suggested reading list and required reading.

Module 1: The Art of Connection
June 10 – 12 | Friday, 6-8 PM, Saturday & Sunday 10 AM–4 PM (Lunch 1-2 PM)
Leading people into the wilds of their inner landscape is no easy task. It requires us, as guides, to first be deeply connected to our own journey and process. We can then uphold healthy boundaries, stay authentic, and create a safe and sacred space for students to thrive.
It is from this place of inner connection that we can radiate out and connect with others.

This module shines the light inward in order to help you radiate more clearly from your center. When we are centered in ourselves we have the ability to align with the highest good for all beings.

Participants in this module will:
• Gain confidence in the seat of the teacher.
• Discover the many group dynamics that arise within a class setting.
• Root into the truth of your being and share authentically
• Release unhealthy tendencies that keep you and your students stuck.
• Create a foundation for personal evolution

Module 2: The Art of Seeing Clearly
July 15 – 17 | Friday, 6-8 PM, Saturday & Sunday 10 AM–4 PM (Lunch 1-2 PM)
Our posture follows us around like a shadow, revealing the way we move (or don’t move). Learning to decode your students posture will exponentially help you to help them bring more awareness to their practice both on and off the mat.

This module helps you expand your ability to see your student’s bodies through the lenses of anatomy and biomechanics, while honing your intuition and understanding. See your students with a level of depth that allows you to create sequences, cues, and alignment offerings that truly honor the individual and the group.

Participants in this module will:
• Learn why traditional yoga poses don’t fit every body and how to check your students ROM before introducing certain poses.
• Experience a “learn by doing” approach so you can work with your new skills right away.
• Teach you how to conduct successful private sessions with the ability to zero in on the student’s individual needs
• Learn your own body blind spots, and what your posture reveals about you.
• Recognize how to successfully provide demos and connect with visual learners.

Module 3: The Art of Communication
August 19 – 21 | Friday, 6-8 PM, Saturday & Sunday 10 AM–4 PM (Lunch 1-2 PM)
The second most common way of learning is auditory. What you say and how you say it will greatly effect how your students experience your teachings. Cueing is not a cookie cutter practice, but an art form created with the context of your teachings, the knowledge of your practice and the students in front of you in mind.

This module teaches you how to create meaningful and concise cues that are relevant to the moment, the theme of your class and your students. You will develop dexterity in your ability to speak with confidence and connection.

Participants in this module will:
• Develop your unique voice and learn how to share it.
• Find out what your speech is revealing about you and polish your cuing so your students understand you clearly.
• Learn how to be fed instead of depleted by your teaching.
• Explore the craft of sharing compelling themes that bring depth to your classes.
• Learn to listen to yourself, your students and the silence between your cues with ease.

Module 4: The Art of Assisting
September 16 – 18 | Friday, 6-8 PM, Saturday & Sunday 10 AM–4 PM (Lunch 1-2 PM)
Touch is a powerful and intimate thing. When done right, it can help a student peel back a new layer, find correct alignment, and deepen their practice. When leading students to precise locations within their body, a teacher must know how you use clear verbal cuing coupled with visual demos that illustrate what you’re asking of the student.

In this module you will learn to relay an assured touch with calmness & compassion. As the teacher, you will gain tools on how to verbally cue as you assist, offer healing touch, and gracefully handle students who don’t wish to be touched. You will become more familiar with the purpose of touch and learn why many classical assists aren’t helpful to your students and may be putting them at risk.

Participants in this module will:
• Discover the science behind therapeutic touch
• Help your students feel, connect and heal
• Gain communication tools that help you and your student foster an interaction of safety
• Learn to stay present in a “help me to help you” approach
• Learn the biomechanics for keeping your body safe while teaching, assisting, and demoing.

Module 5: The Art of Sequencing
October 7 – 9 | Friday, 6-8 PM, Saturday & Sunday 10 AM–4 PM (Lunch 1-2 PM)
Great sequencing is born of an understanding of the way our body moves and how to proficiently share this knowledge. For a new teacher, it can be intimidating to rely on your own inner knowledge and creativity while conducting a class.

In this module you’ll learn to find your own way, teach what interests you, and create sequences that are uniquely yours. Your sequencing will communicate your knowledge of the body, the expression of your unique voice, and the experience of your personal practice.

Participants in this module will:
• Develop a personal practice to nurture and grow
• Use your observational skills from the previous modules to determine ROM and whether poses are accessible to your students
• Discover how to workshop poses and break down movements so each student feels successful in their practice
• Walk away with innovative sequencing tools to teach private sessions, workshops, and group classes
• Learn how to cook up fresh sequences that keep you and your students inspired to practice

Private, One-on-One Mentoring Sessions
The complete series includes one private session, during which we discuss what is arising for you and come up with ways for you to grow. This is where we explore options, build skills, and make your dreams come to life.
These sessions are individually tailored to creatively build your resources and reserves. Private sessions are also available to those not taking the complete series at additional cost.

Is this mentorship for me?
This program is for yoga teachers and advanced students considering taking a teacher training who want to tune into their own voice and develop essential teaching skills not offered in a standard 200-hour training. It challenges and builds on traditional yoga teacher trainings and seeks to provide new ways of working.
What will this mentorship provide?
The EYMP will provide you with the tools to follow your own path of interest and research. You will be both challenged and supported to find your own unique voice as a teacher and to build the courage to follow your own heart and intuition. Expect to find:

• A safe, creative and evolutionary space for growth.
• Straightforward, honest, and constructive feedback.
• Sessions that are dynamic, goal-oriented and fueled by pure energy and kindness.
• Help discovering and taking ownership of your why and what success means to you.
• A map to learning how to trust and believe in yourself, your gifts, and your abilities.
• Help identifying your roadblocks and inspiration to help you to break through your present plateaus.

Cost & Registration
Individual Modules: $300 (CEU’s from Yoga Alliance available)
All 5 sessions + 1 private session + 1 bridge call a month: $1,295 (CEU’s from Yoga Alliance available)
Payment plan available
Please direct any questions to