Gratitude For Evolve

Evolve, and particularly Kim Greeff, have been such a source of inspiration and development for me. I searched a long while for a place to practice yoga that resonated with me in terms of skill, intention, and community. I found all these things in my first class with Kim, and with the many yogis I’ve met here since. I am grateful as a student and as a teacher for the opportunity to be part the studio and look forward to continuing to practice with Kim and the wonderful Evolve teachers in new places and new ways.

Peace, peace, peace ~Linda


I was out of the country for an extended amount of time when Evolve opened.  While traveling, I practiced yoga wherever I could, but upon my return in 2013, when I stepped into Kim’s new studio – “Evolve” – I immediately felt at home and grateful for a studio without loud music or an emphasis on sweaty hot workouts.  I breathed a deep breath of gratitude and have felt that way ever since. I had returned home.

I will never forget the first few weeks, when I practiced almost daily there and realized that teaching yoga was something that was calling me.  At 45 years old, it felt like a crazy idea, and when I broached the subject to Kim, I expected to be politely redirected. Not the case.  She encouraged me and even said that upon my return she would have a place for me to teach at Evolve.  I couldn’t believe it!  I was stunned.

Thus began my journey, and my “evolution” as a person in my body, my mind, my soul, and my community.

This studio has enlivened me, protected me, embraced me, and grown me.  I will be forever grateful.  It’s funny, the word “evolution” has become part of my daily vocabulary, as I realize that we are in a constant state of change, evolving as human beings.

Thank you Kim for encouraging and supporting me in my evolution as a yogi and as a yoga teacher, for your firm acceptance of who I am and your unwavering belief in me, your tough love and your fierceness, your mentorship and guidance.

Thank you to the entire Evolve tribe for your gracious and calming support and guidance.

Evolve will forever hold a special place in my heart. ~Jen G.


When I received the news, the first thing in my mind was, “Wow, what a hard decision.” I asked myself if I could hold space for Kim. What came was a flood of wonderful memories of this year and how Kim has been a huge part of it. There was so much gratitude for Kim, that the answer definitely was “YES!, you are capable of holding space for Kim.”  Kim is not Evolve and Evolve is not Kim. Change is hard for all of us and it is truly courageous to face the fact that there is a need for change. Kim will continue to share her knowledge because that is what she loves.  ~Marie


I began my yoga practice at Laughing Lotus and quickly saw how important it was for my well-being. By luck, I chose to practice with an instructor so rich in the healing arts that class after class felt more like a transformation than a workout. The more I took class, the more I wanted to share the gifts of breath and renewed life force with others. With encouragement from Kim and her willingness to nurture me through the process of early teaching, the idea of becoming a teacher was more than just a pipe dream. I have experienced continued support and encouragement to follow my heart, heal myself, and share this powerful journey with others. I am full of gratitude for all that is Kim Greeff—a mother, a wife, a teacher, a climber, a massage therapist, a voracious reader, a biker, a person who walks her journey fearlessly talking to monkeys on both shoulders. I consider the space at Evolve to be my sanctuary. It is with love and passion that I will continue to enjoy all that Kim brings to the journey and the space of Evolve Yoga in Spenard. ~Annie


Since Evolve opened her doors over three years ago, I have been so grateful to have a place to “call home” in my personal and professional education and growth. I have deep gratitude to Kim for her constant support of my evolution as a Yoga Teacher, Rolfer and Artist. I have been humbled, amazed and deeply touched by all of the individuals who have shown up over these years- in the yoga studio and in the Rolfing room to share the practice of deeper presence and embodiment. As Evolve enters her fall season, the richness of lessons, relationships and connections that have been fostered here will continue to nourish and feed my growth. It has been an honor to share this space with all of the teachers, staff and students that have been a part of this amazing community. I look forward to seeing our paths continue to cross and our roots continue to be fed by this common source as we move and grow in the coming seasons. ~Heidi


How do you say goodbye to a place that has been at the heart of so much personal transformation and growth in your life? A place that has taught you so many lessons of how to treat others, how to treat yourself, and how to listen? A place that has helped shape you in to the person you are today, who you are proud to be?

It’s a big idea to try and wrap my head around, but I do know that it has been the people in this space that have helped me along my path. And though we won’t have this common gathering space, the people will still be around, and I feel so lucky to have shared this space with all of you. Sitting behind the front desk has provided me with the opportunity to witness the comings and goings of our community and I have shared countless long, happy, thoughtful, nurturing talks in the spaces before and after classes. I made many friends here, including learning how to be a better friend to myself. I am grateful to Kim for giving me the opportunity to be a part of this community, and providing me with plenty of space to grow in to. I’m also grateful to all the members of this community that have taken the time to share their stories with me. I know I will walk away from Evolve with mixed feelings (gratitude, grief, nostalgia to name a few) but I also walk away feeling much more whole and at home in my body. ~Hilary


“It’s a truly beautiful haven with quality instruction, and Anchorage was so lucky to have the space you created as long as it did. I admire what you built and hope you can feel proud and accomplished. I’m sure Evolve has impacted many peoples’ lives positively”. – SW


”Evolve has been like stepping back into village life for me. Everyone says hello and smiles from inside.  I am going to have to figure out how to follow my inspiration!” – Marci


” Remembering that one day when I thought, huh, I should check out evolve, never been there before and it’s close to my house…and then I showed up and you were working the QL. I cried after the class because my back didn’t hurt, for the first time in 20 years! And I just happened to go there on that particular day. It was enough to hook me and after that I went as often as my schedule and motivation allowed.”

Even though we are constantly in flux, and situations come and go, know that you have given an incredible number of people the skills and tools to improve their physical and spiritual lives. This is huge!! I hope you know, Kim, and evolve staff, what a difference you have made in my life, and really, in the fabric of Anchorage as a whole! I have been to many yoga classes in many states and cities and have never achieved such peace and pain relief as I did from yoga tune up. – S.M

“If it was not for you I would not be who I am today. Encouraging us in learning, growth and the strength to believe.  Giving the gift to allow for courage to emerge, so we can put a voice to our thoughts and be heard. Thank-you for being you!!! The Evolve community may change it’s physical location and the people will go on, but everyone is still a part of my being and will forever be. You each are so precious.
With gratitude and love,