The Roll Model® Method: The Science of Rolling

Learn how, where, and why we roll!DSC_7504

With Alexandra Ellis

Saturday, January 23rd, 2016

Time: 9am-5pm (8 hours total)

$260 early registration until Dec. 12th | $295 full price


The Science of Rolling empowers you to personally adopt and teach simple and effective self-myofascial release regimens. These on-the-go balls can be used in a variety of settings; offices, homes, gyms and yoga/Pilates studios. This module is open to all levels of students, educators,  and clinicians. There is no prerequisite to attend, but you are highly encouraged to take The Roll Model® Method: Sequencing and Innovation before or after taking this course.

You will learn:

  • Six head-to-toe series proven to affect profound change in the rotator cuff, upper back, neck, jaw, hips, lower back, IT Band, calves and feet.
  • How to identify bony landmarks, muscular and connective tissue junctions, fascia geography, pain physiology, and specialized ball rolling techniques that penetrate into common high-tension areas.

A 2 disc DVD set are yours to take home to enable you to easily replicate the therapeutic sequences detailed in this training. This module is open to all levels of student/educator/ clinician.

Note: Tuition includes a pair each of original Yoga Tune Up® Balls, 2 Disc DVD Massage Kit , manual and an optional certificate of completion.

Required reading to bring with you to the course: The Roll Model by Jill Miller and Trail Guide to the Body 4th edition by Andrew Biel