Yoga 102

3-Week Workshop Series With Kim Greeff


Asymmetrical Pyramid

April 18th ~ May 4th

Monday & Wednesdays, 6:30-8pm


For yogis that have completed our 101 Workshop or feel they have some familiarity with breath techniques and basic poses, we are happy to offer Yoga 102!

We will build off the foundation of our Yoga 101 and take students through the next steps of their yoga journey, diving deeper in to awareness and alignment. This well-rounded and progressive series will walk you through different key components of your body and breath, providing you with tips and tools that you can have at your disposal and safely keep as reference points in your practice. With hands-on adjustments, clear and detailed instruction, and an open-to-questions environment, you can expect to gain a better understanding of how each pose and movement weave together and help you gain space, flexibility, and strength.

When you provide your body and mind with the proper attention and care, you find yourself in surprising new levels of your practice!

To support you in this process, once you complete the workshop you will receive:


This workshop is designed for those that are familiar with the basics of yoga, or continuing students interested in reconnecting to the fundamentals of the practice. This workshop may be repeated.