Yoga Workshop: Hip Harmony

With Kim Greeff

Saturday, December 6th, 4-6PM

Cost: $35

10% off for JOY members

Lunge H2B

Join us for a 2hr yoga workshop with the practice sequenced to surpass the weakness and congestion in your hips caused by the unhealthy habits of the modern lifestyle. You’ll feel the effects of strengthening from the inside out! Each yoga pose is layered in a sequence designed to target the deep hip and psoas muscles.

  • Free congested connective tissue
  • Invigorate and strengthen weak muscles
  • Release deep held tension

Unleash the power of your hips to reconnect to the ease and freedom we are inherently designed to move with!

About Kim:

Kim has over a decade of bodywork & yoga experience, as well as a life long fascination with the body. It was in a cadaver lab of all places where she fell in love with the human body. She values seeing, palpating and understanding the inner workings of the human landscape. The human body in all of it’s capacity continues to spark curiosity and inspire her work with students and their unique injuries, illnesses, and postural and structural imbalances. Kims enthusiasm, humor and genuine compassion offer a unique learning environment to explore (never bore) the body you get to inhabit.