Yoga Retreat in Mexico January 18th – 25th 2014

Artist of the Spirit” With Kim Greeff 


Imagine you are able to express yourself creatively, that you enjoy more clarity and a sense of purpose each day.  Maybe you believe you have to be an artist to discover your own creative flow. Remember when you thought you had to be flexible to do yoga? Now you understand that flexibility is a benefit of practicing yoga, not a yogi requirement.  And so it is with discovering your inner artist.  

Now, imagine opening Pandora’s box within.  In paradise.  With Yoga.  Led by Kim.  This is a retreat like no other.  Kim will lead a compelling journey fusing art and yoga. 

Artist of the Spirit: Mexico Retreat will take you deep into your own unique inner world of symbols, color, and free flowing creative expression. You will be expertly guided through an experience to learn the language of your Spirit through meditation, process, ceremony and yoga.

You will gain connection to yourself and to a community of amazing people like yourself.  You can rest into the support provided by skilled guides while receiving the care and attention you deserve.

All props and retreat materials are provided.

Please visit: to view the daily agenda, scope out the gorgeous place, and reserve your space today.